DS7AP-DP Disposable Precision Bipolar Probe

DS7AP-DP Disposable Precision Bipolar Probe

£550.00 exc. VAT

Manufacturer's Net List Price


  • 10 Precision Bipolar Probes per box
  • Individually sterile wrapped
  • For use with DS7AP for Peña/PSARP surgery


The Digitimer DS7AP-DP Disposable Precision Bipolar Probe is intended for use with our DS7AP Muscle Locating Stimulator during Peña, “Pull-through” or PSARP (posterior sagittal anorectoplasty).  Our single-use probes are a perfect replacement for the reusable and now obsolete PS2P probe previously manufactured by Integra Neurosciences.

The lead wires are 190cm long and terminate with a pair of 1.5mm touch-proof DIN42802 connectors. The probe tips are parallel and spaced with a gap of 0.5mm. The tips are 70mm long and fully insulated, except for the last 1mm. The DS7AP-DP probes are compatible with the D185-HB4-2m cable (supplied with the DS7AP stimulator).  Each box contains 10 probes which are individually sterile wrapped.




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