DS7AP Test Box

DS7AP Test Box

£150.00 exc. VAT

Manufacturer's Net List Price


  • Permits checking of DS7AP Stimulator Output
  • Aids with stimulation troubleshooting
  • Convenient and easy to use


The Digitimer DS7AP-TB Test Box allows users of our DS7AP Muscle Locating Stimulator to confirm correct performance before surgery commences.  The DS7AP-TB connects to the output sockets of the stimulator and acts as a “dummy patient” allowing the output of the stimulator to be checked against a fixed load resistance of 1600Ohms.

Because the output of the DS7AP is fixed at 100V, with the Test Box connected to the stimulator outputs, current settings in excess of 63mA will lead to the “out of compliance” LED illuminating.  When the dial is returned to a position below 63mA it should extinguish  If the behaviour of this LED deviates in any way, it may indicate a problem with the stimulator and allow a surgery to be postponed while further checks are conducted.

We recommend that a DS7AP Test Box is readily available for use by clinical staff as well as biomedical engineers for rapid checking of stimulator performance.  A DS7AP-TB is now included within the accessory pack supplied with each DS7AP stimulator.




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