D185-FS1 Foot Switch

D185-FS1 Foot Switch

£157.00 exc. VAT

Manufacturer's Net List Price


  • Medical grade & sealed to IP68
  • Supplied with 3.5mm to 1/4″ mono adaptor
  • For use with D185, DS7 series and DS8R



The D185-FS1 is a Medical Grade Footswitch Foot Switch to IP68 meeting all the requirements of EN 60601 for use within operating theatres. Supplied with each DS7AP and an optional accessory for our D185, DS7A, DS7AH, DS7R and DS8R, this IP68 rated foot switch allows hands-free foot pedal control of stimulus delivery.

The lead is fitted with a mono jack plug that fits the foot switch input of our stimulators and the D185-CB1 Control Box. When used with the D185-HB3 the foot switch MUST be plugged into the Control Box (D185-CB1) and NOT the D185. The lead is a nominal length of 3m (10 ft). In both cases, pressing the foot switch initiates a stimulus to the patient. The releasing of the foot switch or continued pressing of it does not produce any extra stimuli, except when used with the DS7AP Muscle Locating Stimulator.


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