EG-45 Microgrinder

EG-45 Microgrinder


  • Vertical and tilted grinding
  • Adjustable grinding speed
  • Vertical manipulator with 47mm range
  • For 1mm, 1.2mm or 1.5mm capillaries
  • LED light source
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The Narishige EG-45 Microgrinder is ideal for grinding micropipette tips, thanks to its employment of a special motor which is designed to minimize irregular movements of the grinding plane. In addition, the EG-45 Microgrinder provides stable performance at all revolution speeds – from low for more precision to high for faster grinding. An easily operable coarse and fine movement coaxial manipulator is equipped for vertical operation of the micropipette, which also enables very precise grinding. A protractor is mounted on the pipette holder fixing section, making it easy to set the required grinding angle, and an adaptor is attached for vertical grinding. New water filling and drainage mechanisms are installed to prevent clogging or the accumulation of shavings, making the apparatus as a whole much easier to use.

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