Narishige IM-11-2 Pneumatic Microinjector

Narishige IM-11-2 Pneumatic Microinjector


  • Movement range Plunger 40mm
  • Dimensions/Weight W167 ~ 214 × D55 × H78mm, 680g
  • Tube length 1.2m
  • Fine Control Knob Cap
  • Supplied with HI-9 Injection Holder



The Narishige IM-11-2 Pneumatic Microinjector allows suction and injection of a microsample with high precision and operability comparable to oil hydraulic injectors. Equipped with a coarse-fine coaxial control knob, the microinjector enables both coarse and fine movement operation. Compared with existing pneumatic injectors such as the IM-9C, the IM-11-2 has substantially improvement in relation to the amount of pressure generated for each knob rotation, enabling finer and more powerful control.

The IM-11-2 is free from concerns related to air bubble entry into the micropipette when fitting.

An easy-to-insert fitting mechanism is incorporated in the tubing connection linking the microinjector to the injection holder, improving maintenance and cleaning, including the removal of broken pipette fragments.

The Narishige IM 11 2 Pneumatic Microinjector is fitted with a one-touch pressure relief valve. With the microinjector in an unpressurised state, shifting the position of the control knob enables syringe volume changes inside the microinjector, adjusting the operational responsiveness, a feature unique to this pneumatic microinjector.

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