D188 Output/Electrode Extension Cables

D188 Output/Electrode Extension Cables

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  • D188 output or electrode extension cables
  • Compatible with 1.5mm DIN 42802 connectors
  • Available in 1m, 2m or 10m lengths



The D188 Remote Electrode Selector is not supplied with stimulator connection cables or output extension cables.

The D188 features 8 pairs of 1.5mm DIN42802 output sockets intended for electrode connection.  In situations where fitted electrode lead wires are not long enough, we offer D188 output/electrode extension cables in pairs, which are available in 1m (D188-13), 2m (D188-14) lengths or 10m (D188-15).

Each cable is fitted with a 1.5mm DIN42802 female connector for connection to the amplifier/stimulator headbox or D188 output socket and a DIN 42802 1.5mm male connector for connection to the electrode lead wire.

Heatshrink sleeving is placed at regular intervals to prevent tangling of the pairs of red and black leads.





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