Multi-channel Perfusion Pencil

Multi-channel Perfusion Pencil

£322.00 exc. VAT


  • Low (µl) dead volume
  • Supplied with 100, 250 or 360µl tip
  • Replacement tips also available
  • Easy to mount, use and clean



The Automate Scientific Perfusion Pencil provides researchers with a low-cost  method to focally apply solutions to cells in a dish or recording chamber.  Available in 4 channel, 8 channel or 16* channel versions with 100µm, 250µm or 360µm removable tips.

  • Rapid solution change with micro-litre dead volume.
  • No piezo or stepper motor translation.  No need for rotating valves.
  • Single-cell and detached patch delivery.
  • Flexible road mounting for any micromanipulatorEasy to connect and clean.
  • Vacuum cross-contamination prevention – just use one tube to vacuum the tip volume clear between solution changes.
  • Solid construction – easy to connect and clean.
  • Supplied with 100µm, 250µm or 360µm removable tip polyimide tip, which can be cut to the desired length.

* Please contact Digitimer for details.




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    Additional information

    Tip Size

    100µm diameter, 250µm diameter, 360µm diameter

    No. of Channels

    4-Channel, 8-Channel