Perfusion Pencil Replacement Tips (100µm, 250µm, 360µm)

Perfusion Pencil Replacement Tips (100µm, 250µm, 360µm)

£52.00 exc. VAT


  • Chemically resistant materials
  • 100, 250 or 360µl tips available
  • Can be cut to shorter lengths
  • Luer fitting for easy replacement



Replacement tips for the Automate Scientific range of Thermoclamp (heated) and standard Multi-channel Perfusion Pencils.  These tips allow for focal application of liquids to cells or tissues within a recording dish or incubator.

Each tip includes a medical grade polypropylene Luer-lock fitting with a fused silica (quartz) needle coated with polyimide in 100µm, 250µm or 360µm internal diameters.  They are intended to be cut to a desired length by rolling a razor blade on them against a hard surface. To get an absolutely  flat cut, score the coating of the needle with a ceramic cleaving stone or a diamond cutter and pull directly apart, making sure not to pull at an angle. You may notice a larger outer tube enclosing the lower part of the smaller, 100µm needles. This is simply for added rigidity, and can be cut if needed.


You can expect several years of useful lifetime for your tip if you wash it daily. Use a syringe or vacuum to pull first water, then alcohol three times each through the tip. If the Multibarrel Manifold Tip is filled with pure salt solution, leaving it in the syringe overnight will not usually cause the tip to block. However, if it is used for high viscosity fluids, flushing after each use is recommended.

They can be chemically sterilized or autoclaved, however, repeated autoclaving may weaken the adhesive bond between the Lure-lock fitting and the needle.


Flow Rates

Flow rates vary depending on tip diameter and perfusion pressure.  Increased pressure can be generated by a higher reservoir level or by adding the Automate Scientific Perfusion Pressure Kit to your perfusion system.


100µm Tip 250µm Tip 360µm Tip
Flow rates (+/- 0.05): Flow rates (+/- 0.05): Flow rates (+/- 0.05):
Gravity =  0 Gravity  = 0.35 ml/min Gravity = 1.15 ml/min
2 psi  = 0.07 ml/min 2 psi  = 1.66 ml/min 2 psi = 3.98 ml/min
8 psi  = 0.25 ml/min 8 psi  = 5.16 ml/min 8 psi = 10.66 ml/min






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    Tip Diameter

    100µm diameter, 250µm diameter, 360µm diameter