Electrophysiology System Manipulators

Electrophysiology System Manipulators




At Digitimer we have a massive selection of Electrophysiology System Manipulators. Micromanipulator Electrophysiology incorporates the measurement and examination of transient ion flows and the subsequent voltage changes in cellular membranes.

Below you can see our full range of Electrophysiology System Manipulators. For more details regarding any of our products, or to speak specifically about Micromanipulator Electrophysiology, you can contact us by calling 01707 328347 or via email at sales@digitimer.com

High Magnification / Hydraulic Micromanipulator

  • MHW-3 Three-axis Water Hydraulic Micromanipulator
  • MHW-4 One-axis Water Hydraulic Micromanipulator
  • MHW-A Tilting Adaptor
  • NR-35 Rotating Adjustable Clamp
  • UST-1 Solid Universal Joint
  • B-9 Ball Joint
  • WR-6 Three-axis Water Hydraulic Micromanipulator
  • MHW-103 Three-axis Water Hydraulic Micromanipulator
  • MMN-1 Coarse Manipulator

High Magnification / Mechanical Micromanipulator

High Magnification / Motor-drive Micromanipulator

  • EMM-3NV Three-axis Motorized Micromanipulator (Not Available in Europe)
  • UST-3A Joint Attachment

Low Magnification / Hydraulic Micromanipulator for Stereo Microscope

  • MWS-32 Micromanipulator (One-axis Water Hydraulic, Magnet-mount)

Low Magnification / Mechanical Micromanipulator for Stereo Microscope

  • MM-3 Micromanipulator
  • M-3333 Micromanipulator
  • MP-2 Micromanipulator
  • MO-10 One-axis Oil Hydraulic Micromanipulator
  • MO-8HL Long holder
  • MX-2 Micromanipulator
  • MX-4 Micromanipulator

Isolation System

Perfusion System

  • NAC-1N Perfusion Chamber Set (for Nikon)
  • NAC-1O Perfusion Chamber Set (for ITS/Olympus)
  • CAT-1 Tube Clamper
  • CK-1 Chamber Dish
  • CK-1A Adaptor Plate for CK-1 (for ITS/Olympus)
  • CK-1B Adaptor Plate for CK-1 (for Nikon)

Adjustable Clamp

  • BC-3 Adjustable Clamp
  • BC-4 Adjustable Clamp


  • H-12 Electrode Holder
  • H-13 Electrode Holder
  • SBP-2 Anti-vibration Base Plate
  • GJ-8 Magnetic Stand
  • P-1A/B/C Height Adjustment Plate
  • X-4 Rotating X-Block
  • GJD-1 Magnetic “Bridge” Stand

Patch Clamp Headstage Adaptor

  • AP-12L/N Patch Clamp Headstage Holders
  • AP-13-2/3 Patch Clamp Headstage Holders
  • AP-14L/N Patch Clamp Headstage Holders

Manipulator Mounting Adaptors

  • For Nikon (Electrophysiology)
  • For Olympus (Electrophysiology)
  • For Carl Zeiss (Electrophysiology)
  • For Leica (Electrophysiology)

For a complete overview of the Narishige range, including their pipette fabrication tools and micro-injectors, please click to download a copy of the latest Narishige Catalogue.

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