MDO-974 Oil Hydraulic-Motorized Hybrid Micromanipulator (with Closed Chamber)

MDO-974 Oil Hydraulic-Motorized Hybrid Micromanipulator (with Closed Chamber)

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  • Hybrid hydraulic/motorized drive
  • For chronic experiments on medium-sized animal
  • Remote digital controller
  • 50mm coarse, X13mm, Y18mm, Z30mm fine movement


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MDO-974 is motor-driven oil-hydraulic micromanipulator suitable for in-vivo experiments on medium-sized animals. Based on the manual oil-hydraulic mechanism of MO-97, this hybrid model, which incoporates a stepping motor enables speed control as well as greater driving precision, impossble under manual control.  Use of hydraulic-tubing allows distance between the animal’s head and the motor, reducing the potential impact of sound or electrical noise during driving. Drive settings are easily adjusted and can be made by entering speed, or distance/time. The drive speed range can be set between 0.1µm/s to 500µm/s. The speed can be changed while moving, so you can reduce the speed as you get closer to the target site. The closed chamber is equipped with an acrylic XY stage which control knobs drive 18mm on each axis.

Distance between the control unit and motor unit can be extended from original 2.9m(9.5ft) in total to 7m(28.2ft) by MD-DCE-7 (sold separately).

* Palm-sized compact controller MD-OH-1 (sold separately) is available.

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