D188 Stimulator Connection Jumper Cables

D188 Stimulator Connection Jumper Cables

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  • Connects stimulator output and D188 electrode selector input.
  • D188-09/D188-10 for use with D185-HB4 Output Cable (1.5mm)
  • D188-11 for use with DS2A, DS3 or DS4 (2mm)
  • D188-12 for direct connection to DS7A, DS8R, DS5, DS7R (4mm)



The D188 Remote Electrode Selector is not supplied with stimulator connection cables or output extension cables.  Input and output cabling requirements should be considered when requesting a quote for the D188 or placing an order.

Stimulator connection cables are available for direct connection to our range of stimulators or connection via our D185-HB4 Output Extension Cable.

Recommended Connection via D185-HB4 Output Adaptor Cable

For direct connection to a D185-HB4 Output Extension Cable (pictured below on the left, but supplied separately), the D188-09 (200cm) or D188-10 (50cm) 1.5mm cables can be connected between the D188 Electrode Selector and the D185-HB4.

Direct Connection to Digitimer DS5DS7A/AH or DS8R Stimulator Outputs (4mm)

For direct connection to the stimulator 4mm output sockets, we offer the 50cm long D188-12.

Direct Connection to Digitimer DS2ADS3 or DS4 Stimulator Outputs (2mm)

For direct connection to the stimulator 2mm output sockets, we offer the 50cm long D188-11.




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    Additional information

    D188 Jumper Cables

    1.5mm/1.5mm TP (200cm), 1.5mm/1.5mm TP (50cm), 4mm/1.5mm TP (50cm), 2mm/1.5mm (50cm)