Wasp Stimulation Electrode

Wasp Stimulation Electrode

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  • For delivery of sharp painful stimuli
  • Concentric design with Pt pin
  • Compatible with Digitimer stimulators
  • Multiple cable/termination options



The Wasp electrode was specifically developed for use in research applications where a sharp painful electrical stimulus needs to be delivered transcutaneously to human subjects. The electrode has an outer ring of 6.5mm diameter, which surrounds an inner ring of 2mm diameter, incorporating a 0.5mm high (±0.25mm) Platinum pin.

Cable and Termination Options

When supplied bare, the electrode (part code G.WASP) has two gold-plated solder pads to connect wires. Great care must be taken not to overheat these pads, as this may dislodge the position of the Platinum Pin, which has a through-hole connection to the top side of the electrode.
The Wasp electrode (G.WASP) may also be ordered along with a 2m long pre-fitted cable (Mini-Coax RG174) which terminates with three options:-
  • 4mm Touch Proof Plugs (G.WASP-CBL-4TP) for direct connection to our DS7A, DS8R or DS5 stimulators.
  • female 1.5mm DIN 42802 connectors (G.WASP-CBL-15) for connection to our D185-HB4 output extension cable or D188 Remote Electrode Selector.
  • Bare wire end cut flush (G.WASP-CBL)
For instance, if you require Wasp electrode pre-fitted with a cable and 4mm plugs, you need to order one G.WASP and one G.WASP-CBL-4TP.
Each connection wire on the back of a wired electrode is internally potted in epoxy resin for strain relief and more durable performance.  An external white plastic (nylon) enclosure ensures no contamination to the back of the electrode when affixing it to the subject with tape and is easily cleaned after use.  The white plastic enclosure incorporates a pair of small tabs (wings) that facilitate fixation of the electrode to the subject’s skin.  A version without fixation tabs is available upon request.  Please mention this requirement when requesting a quote or ordering.
The overall thickness of a bare Wasp Electrode once potted in epoxy is approximately 3mm, but due to the manual construction, there could be some slight variation.  When the white plastic enclosure is fitted the overall thickness becomes 6mm.

Use with Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Use

Pre-wired Wasp electrodes are NOT MRI-certified or compatible with MRI and are supplied on the understanding that they are NOT used in an MRI environment.
Although some users purchase bare Wasp electrodes in an MRI environment neither Digitimer Ltd. nor the manufacturer accept any liability for the results of their use.  Purchasers of bare Wasp electrodes, intending to use them in conjunction with MRI, should take professional advice and apply extreme care in respect of the cables and connectors used.

Preparing for Use & Cleaning

Following some minor, regular skin prep (for cleaning/degreasing), we understand these electrodes are best used without the application of any gels – so they are used dry.
Do not use these electrodes on broken or sensitive skin, or in direct contact with any bodily fluids.

They may be cleaned with a variety of substances, but in most cases, IsoPropanol applied to a soft cloth or paper towel has been found to be very satisfactory. Ensure the electrode is clean, dry and free from any contamination before each use.  Alcohol wipes such as Pre-Injection Swabs are perfectly suitable for cleaning WASP Electrodes.

Note that as Wasp electrodes are manufactured to order we are unable to accept returns.

The lead time is typically 2-3 weeks.




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    Wasp Option

    Bare Wasp Electrode, Wasp Electrode with Cable

    Cable Option

    No Cable, 2m Cable with 4mm TP Plugs, 2m Cable with 1.5mm Plugs, 2m Cable with Bare End