SHC-1 Cannula Holder

SHC-1 Cannula Holder



The SHC-1 Cannula Holder allows accurate, safe, and quick placement of a cannula of approx. ø3.5mm in lab animals. Using a stereotaxic instrument and the (SM-15R/L) micromanipulator, a cannula can be placed at a specific site safely and accurately. The cannula can be fixed firmly in place just by tightening the screw and easily removed when in place just by loosening the screw. In addition, the tip is plastic so it will not corrode.
* Cannula are not included in the SHC-1.
* Specific cannula holder is customizable for your application.

The setting example of fixing T-shaped cannula

SHC-1 Cannula Holder Specification

Dimensions/Weight ø5 × L150mm, 29g

System Diagram
SHC-1 System Diagram Digitimer

  • Black Circle refers to the model itself with standard attachments
  • White Circle refers to attachable main accessories
  • Double Circle refers to types of mounting adaptors

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