SRP-AR2 Head Holding Device (for Rats/MRI-compatible)

SRP-AR2 Head Holding Device (for Rats/MRI-compatible)



The SRP-AR2 Head Holding Device, MRI measurement-compatible, can be attached to SR series fixing devices. Such attachment ensures extremely stable fixation of the head. When the instrument is detached for MRI measurement, 100% of the instrument becomes plastic to make the procedure easier. Once MRI measurements are completed, the instrument can easily revert to its function as a fixing instrument, while keeping the animals fixed. Two types are available: SRP-AM2 for mice, and SRP-AR2 for rats.

  • EB-5N Auxiliary Ear Bar for Mice is included in accessories, changing it to non-rupture type.
  • EB-6 is available upon request. Please request the EB-6 when purchasing the SR-AM.

SRP-AR2 Head Holding Device Specification:

Accessories included Hex Wrench
Mounting Knob
Ear Bars
Mouthpiece / Nosepiece
Dimensions/Weight W300 × D120 × H85mm, 850g

The anesthetic mask (GM-3) cannot be attached to this head holder.




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