MA-6N Head Holding Adaptor (for Mice)

MA-6N Head Holding Adaptor (for Mice)



The MA-6N Head Holding Adaptor for mice in the SR series is used to convert a rat fixing clamp to a mouse fixing clamp. Position adjustment of mouth and nose clamp is conducted by means of the dovetail structure, and can be smoothly performed with just one hand. The clamping action using an auxiliary ear bar is also easy to do with one hand.

  • An ear bar for rats (EB-3A) can be attached to an auxiliary ear bar for mice (EB-5N).
  • Without the auxiliary ear bar, an ear bar for mice (EB-3B) is required.

MA-6N Head Holding Adaptor Auxiliary Ear Bar
EB-5N Auxiliary Ear Bar for Mice is included in accessories, changing it to non-rupture type.
EB-6 is available upon request. Please request the EB-6 when purchasing the MA-6N.

EB-5N EB-6
EB-5N Auxiliary Ear Bar Digitimer EB-6 Auxiliary Ear Bar Digitimer


Accessory included EB-5N Auxiliary Ear Bar for Mice
Dimensions/Weight W20 × D98 × H50 ~ 70mm, 132g

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