QTMS Magstim BiStim Control/Trigger Cables

QTMS Magstim BiStim Control/Trigger Cables

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  • Connection cables for Magstim BiStim to NI-DAQ
  • Permit QTMS protocol extension for solo TMS operators
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QTMS protocols, implemented from within the QtracW threshold tracking software, provide a convenient and efficient method for a single transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) operator to conduct threshold tracking studies of cortical excitability using standard TMS equipment.

QTMS QtracW protocols are compatible with TMS stimulators from Magstim, Deymed and Neurosoft.  For Magstim BiStim users, the Digitimer D-QTMS-CABLES provide a simple means to connect the Master and Slave Bistim units to the host Windows PC and the National Instruments data acquisition interface.

The pair of cables also feature optional BNC connections that take advantage of the trigger-out ports of the Magstim BiStim to allow triggering of clinical EMG system sweeps for diagnostic testing.  This allows a single system to be used for threshold tracking research and clinical diagnostic tests without having to swap over multiple rear panel cable connections.

Each cable set consists of two cables (3m long) fitted with a high-density 26-way “D” connector at the BiStim end and multiple connectors (BNC/USB) at the other end. Older units with 2 connectors:  9-way and 15-way are not supported/compatible.


Master Cable

  • USB (FTDI) connection to Host Windows PC, providing communication between QtracW/QTMS and the BiStim.
  • 1x BNC Trigger connection from NI-DAQ to Master BiStim Trigger IN (labelled MASTER TRIG. IN)
  • 1x BNC Trigger connection from Master BiStim Trigger OUT to EMG System Trigger IN (labelled MASTER TRIG. OUT)

Slave Cable

  • 1x BNC Trigger connection from NI-DAQ to Slave BiStim Trigger IN (labelled SLAVE TRIG. IN)
  • 1x BNC Trigger connection from Slave BiStim Trigger OUT to EMG System Trigger IN (labelled SLAVE TRIG. OUT)


Product Information

QTMS Operator’s Manual


Tankisi, H., Cengiz, B., Howells, J., Samusyte, G., Koltzenburg, M., & Bostock, H. (2021). Brain Stimulation Short-interval intracortical inhibition as a function of inter-stimulus interval : Three methods compared. Brain Stimulation, 14(1), 22–32. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.brs.2020.11.002




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