D360R Isolated Amplifier Digitimer

NEW – D360R 4 Channel Isolated EMG/EEG/EP Amplifier

NEW – D360R 4-Channel Isolated EMG/EEG/EP Amplifier

The D360R is a new 4 channel isolated amplifier intended for human electromyography (EMG), electroencephalography (EEG) or evoked-potential (EP) studies in a research environment.  Based on the design of our extremely popular 8 channel D360 amplifier, the D360R is a more compact, cost-effec… Read More

Demonstration of 50Hz noise removal by the Digitimer D400

NEW – D400 Multi-channel Mains Noise Eliminator

NEW Digitimer D400 Multi-channel Mains Noise Eliminator

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Currently in development, the D400 is a new standalone, mains noise eliminator designed for real-time removal of 50/60Hz mains noise interference from amplified biological and other signals prior to acquisition by digital data r… Read More