MDO-84 One-axis Oil Hydraulic-Motorized Hybrid Micromanipulator

MDO-84 One-axis Oil Hydraulic-Motorized Hybrid Micromanipulator


  • Hydraulic/Stepper Motor Hybrid  Z Axis Precision Movement
  • Digital Control Unit
  • Movement controlled by speed or distance and time
  • 10mm movement range



The MDO-84 is the pencil type micromanipulator (MO-10), a hybrid of oil-hydraulic and stepping motor that offers precise control. Used in combination with a stereotaxic manipulator, the add-on tool allows remote-control with travelled distance shown in digital display, with variable speed and precision settings: those are impossible to be performed by manual model. Two setting modes are available: entering speed directly or entering distance and time, in the range of 0.1µm/s to 500µm/s. The drive unit is small and lightweight so that it can be mounted easily on different manual manipulators.

Distance between the control unit and motor unit can be extended from original 2.9m(9.5ft) in total to 7m(28.2ft) by MD-DCE-7 (sold separately). Palm-sized compact controller MD-OH-1 (sold separately) is available.

Accessories included Dedicated Electrode Holder (for O.D. 2mm)
Connecting cable (2.9m)
Power Cord (2.5m)
Hydraulic tube length 1.5m
Drive source 5-phase Stepping Motor
Movement range 10mm
Setting range Speed range 0.1µm/s ~ 500µm/s (0.1µm/s increment)
Distance range 1µm ~ 10,000µm (1µm increment)
Time range 1s ~ 60min (0.1s increment)
Working voltage AC100V ~ 240V, 50/60Hz
Power consumption 15W
Dimensions/Weight Drive unit W30 × D20 × H125mm, 50g
Motor drive W98 × D32 × H56mm, approx. 250g
Control unit W180 × D260 × H95mm, 2.5kg

The control unit controls one drive unit only; cannot control two or more drive units.


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