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DS7A/AH & PSARP  Peripheral Stimulators

DS7A & DS7AH High Voltage Constant Current Electrical Stimulators - Now with Polarity Reversal

Suitable as a general purpose nerve stimulator or muscle stimulator, the DS7A provides up to 100mA constant current high voltage pulses of brief duration for percutaneous stimulation during investigation of the electrical activity of nerve and muscle tissue.  The DS7A is also commonly used in pain research applications.   The output current is continuously variable over the range 0 to 100mA.  New for 2014 - the DS7A/AH now include an alternating polarity mode to prevent polarization of the stimulation site.

The DS7AH allows currents up to 1A with a maximum pulse duration limit of 200s. This model is offered to overcome the difficulties of stimulating deep peripheral nerves, or large muscles such as the quadriceps with large area electrodes.

The DS7A or DS7AH can be triggered by an external device such as our new DG2A Train/Delay Generator.  For applications that require a higher output, we recommend our D185 MultiPulse (see below).  The DS7A & DS7AH are CE approved medical devices and have been cleared by the FDA for marketing within the USA.

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Major Features Include:

- Pulse durations from 50s to 2ms (DS7A) and 50s to 200s (DS7AH).

- 100mA (DS7A) or 1A (DS7AH) constant current output from 400V.

- Flexible TTL compatible trigger options or front panel push button.

- NEW Alternating Polarity control - a toggle switch on the front panel allows the stimulator to operate in +ve, -ve or alternating polarities during stimulation.  The alternating polarity mode ensures that there is zero net charge at the stimulation site.

- Output connection accessories, including plugs and cables and electrodes are also available.




DS7A PSARP Muscle Locating Electrical Stimulator (for Paediatric Surgery)

The Digitimer DS7A PSARP Muscle Stimulator is a variant of our MDD CE certified and FDA cleared DS7A Constant Current Stimulator (see above). Like the original Pena stimulator, our unit has been specially designed to meet the requirements of paediatric surgeons who need a reliable and easy to use muscle locating surgical stimulator when carrying out the Pea, "Pull-through" or PSARP anorectal reconstruction technique in children.


  Product Literature

Major Features Include:

- 50Hz fixed pulse frequency.

- 0-100mA constant current output from 100V compliance.

- Two pulse durations (200us or 500us).

- Compatible with re-useable (G.PS2-P) and disposable (G.3604-00)  surgical bipolar stimulation probes for the Pena procedure - also available from Digitimer.

- Optional footswitch (D185-FS1) for hands free control of stimulation.

- Optional output extension cable (D185-HB4-2m) required for use with disposable bipolar probes (G.3604-00).





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