Narishige Double Magnet System

Narishige Double Magnet System



There are a range of different products available in the Narishige Double Magnet System range, however, to make product selection a little easier, we have a flow chart which guides you through the key decisions. In addition, there are a number of example packages which may be of interest. Other, more basic magnet stands are detailed in the Manipulators section under Magnet Stands.

Product Description
TSB-1 X-Y Base Plate for microscope mounting (movement range X 22mm, Y 22mm; minimum graduation 2µm).
TSP-1 Base Plate (W550 x D550 x T6mm).
TSP-9 Microscope Stage Plate (W350mm x D275mm x T9mm).
TSP-5 Mounting Rack – Used in combination with the TSG-1, it serves as a mount for manipulators. The photo shows it used with a TSG-1 & TSG-2.
TSP-6 Mounting Plate – Used to install manipulator directly onto the top of a double magnet stand (for NMN-21 or NMN-25 this plate is not necessary).
TSA-1 Double Railed Mounting Adaptor – Used in combination a pair of double magnet stands for bridge based manipulator mounting.
TSG-1 Double Magnet Stand – Fixed XY Type (H310-420mm).
TSG-2 Double Magnet Stand – Fixed XY Type(H214-260mm).
TSG-3 Double Magnet Stand – Fixed XY Type (H125-160mm).
TSG-4 Double Magnet Stand – Fixed XY Type (H62-102mm).
TSM-2 Double Magnet Stand – Moveable XY Type (214-260mm) with coarse drive unit.
TSG-2H TSG-2 Spacer (50mm x H50mm).
TSG-2R TSG-2 Spacer (50mm x H100mm).
TSG-3H TSG-3 Spacer (40mm x H50mm).
TSG-3R TSG-3 Spacer (40mm x H100mm).

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