HEKA Patchmaster Software

HEKA Patchmaster Software


  • Full software control of iTEV 90, EPC 10, EPC 9, and EPC 800 amplifiers.
  • Supports clusters of EPC 10 amplifies and EPS 16 probe selectors.
  • Runs on Windows 7, 8 and on Mac OS X > 10.6 (requires a free USB port for the dongle).
  • Just three clicks to a whole-cell configuration.
  • Pulsed and continuous acquisition modes.



HEKA Patchmaster Software
As a successor to the Pulse program family, the HEKA Patchmaster Software offers additional features to meet the highest standards of modern electrophysiology. This new software, running on PC-based and Macintosh computers, includes all the familiar functions of Pulse but offers a variety of novel tools aimed at making your electrophysiological research as versatile and as efficient as possible.

With the HEKA Patchmaster Software system, experimental design, performance, and analysis become far more flexible, which therefore allows for a higher degree of automation and provides access to experimental protocols that were impossible in other software packages. It takes just three clicks to achieve whole-cell configuration. When used with HEKA’s fully computer-controlled amplifiers, the HEKA Patchmaster System comes with pre-defined protocols which automate the major steps needed to establish the desired recording configuration. This then gives the user room to draw his full attention to tasks such as approaching the cell and forming a giga-seal whereas adjustments on the amplifier and in the software are automated.

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