ThermoClamp Heated Perfusion

ThermoClamp Heated Perfusion


  • Advanced auto-tuning temperature lock.
  • Designed for physiology research.
  • Ready to use.



ThermoClamp® Temperature Control System

For the first time ever: No more overheating when your perfusion stops or you change samples
Three types of user-configurable thermal runaway protection (patent pending) with fuzzy logic constraints. The ThermoClamp-3 and inline heater will detect when perfusion stops or the sensor is removed from the chamber. It will automatically maintain the current temperature without overheating until the problem is corrected. You can even set the sensitivity in three different ways. This new feature is so unique, we applied for a patent.

Combination inline heater plus multi-channel focal drug delivery
Maintain bath temperature and rapid drug wash-out with a high-flow bath line while quickly switching 4-8 preheated solutions through the Perfusion Pencil® Steady 37°C at 5 ml/minute flow rates through both the bath line and tip.

Advanced auto-tuning temperature lock
Fuzzy logic PID software maintains chamber or reagent temperature to within 1°C of setpoint or better (often ±0.1 ̊C). The ThermoClamp calibrates its own tuning for ideal temperature control – no need to guess “loop speed” settings. Auto-tuning also adjusts the thermal runaway protection automatically.

Designed for physiology research
No metal anywhere in the flow path – unlike some competitors. Extremely low noise (now with analog heating) for electrophysiology with internal and external grounding plus electrical isolation between liquids and heating elements.

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