Standard & Pressurised Perfusion Systems

Standard & Pressurised Perfusion Systems




We supply a variety of Standard and Pressurised Perfusion Systems from Automate Scientific, which have been designed to increase the stability and consistency of multiple drug application.  Systems can be configured with variable channel number, valve controller type and even valve type, so the features and performance exactly match your requirements from a perfusion system.

Digitimer Electrophysiology

  • Unattended solution switching
    Avoid vibrations from switching valves by hand. The ValveBank® or ValveLink8.2® controller handles all solution delivery so that you can watch results – not switch stopcocks. Many special features are included for easy perfusion control. Low noise circuitry.
  • Increased reproducibility
    Valve switching is accurate to 0.01 seconds with programs up to 99 hours long under microprocessor control. Consistent liquid delivery means better data.
  • Pinch & PTFE inert and Lee™ Valves
    Choose between speed, cost, and ease of cleaning. Several options are available for fittings and reservoirs.
  • Manual and external valve control
    Flexible design. Easy cleaning and calibration. Slave mode valve operation controlled by your computer, pClamp, Pulse, Acquire, LabView, AxoGraph, etc.

Valve Choices
Digitimer Clinical Research

  • Pinch Valves for Reduced Maintenance
    Easiest valves to clean and switch tubing. Liquids never touch the valves. Switches in 30-50 ms. 1/32” i.d. silicone tube passes through and is pinched closed by solenoid activation. All AutoMate Scientific valves include an individual indicator LED. Our new aluminium enclosure on this perfusion equipment keeps the valves dry from spills and offers luer lock ports for syringe reservoirs.
  • PTFE inert Valves for Fast Switching
    Required for fast kinetics applications. Excellent chemical and corrosion resistance. Non-stick surface resists particles and chemical deposits. Switches in less than 10 ms, with 20 μl of dead volume from port to port. Threaded female inlet and outlet ports accept Hose Barb, Luer Lock and Nut & Ferrule fittings (see diagrams next page).
  • Lee™ Mini Valves for Extremely Fast Switching and Minimal Pressure Pulse
    For the most demanding applications AutoMate Scientific offers tiny valves from the Lee Company. Enclosed in our new aluminium box with luer locks for syringe reservoirs, these valves can open and close in 1.5-4 ms with a ValveLink8.2 controller.

Controller Choices
Standard & Pressurised Perfusion Systems 3

  • ValveLink 8.2
    The new AutoMate Scientific ValveLink8.2 is ten times faster than before, with one millisecond switching and new valve and spill protection. We’ve added USB and analog inputs along with an event marker, all in a smaller box at the same price. Interface easily with your computer using data acquisition hardware and software (i.e., pCLAMP, Pulse, LabView, etc.) or switch solutions manually.
  • ValveBank
    Behind every great perfusion system is a reliable valve controller. By running experiments automatically, ValveBank controllers will leave you free to accomplish other tasks – saving you time and money. The ValveBank stores user programs up to 99 hours long with ten millisecond switching accuracy. You can always switch valves manually or under computer control from your data acquisition software.

Optional Perfusion Pressure Upgrade
Standard & Pressurised Perfusion Systems 4
Easy to add to any new or existing gravity perfusion system or equipment from AutoMate Scientific, any third-party manufacturer, or even homemade rigs. Connect to house air or compressor (30 to 100 psi). The pressure kit does not introduce bubbles into solution; it helps overcome flow problems due to bubbles.
Available in four-, eight- or sixteen-channel configurations. Syringe reservoirs may be placed in a water bath for temperature control. Elegant design allows individual control of each air line.

  • Faster Switching
  • Steady flow
  • Microinjecting
  • Fine microliter delivery
  • Small pipette delivery

Perfusion Systems Include
Controller, valves, 60 ml syringe reservoirs, 2-way stopcocks, ringstand, 1/16″ i.d. tubing and four-, eight- or sixteen-into-one micro-manifold with built-in flow control. Non-pressurized PTFE inert systems include drippers and a reservoir bracket. 5, 15, 35, 60 or 140 ml syringe reservoirs available.

The Economy Pinch Valve System includes ValveLink8 controller, four pinch valves, 35 ml syringes, 2-way stopcocks, ringstand, 1/16” i.d. tubing and four-into-one micro-manifold with built-in flow control.

Computer Interfacing
Both Standard and Pressurised Perfusion systems can be controlled by a computer using data acquisition hardware (i.e., DigiData, ITC-16, or National Instruments board) and software (i.e., pCLAMP, Pulse, or LabView). Both ValveBanks and ValveLinks accept real-time TTL inputs to control valves. Most acquisition software already being used in your experiments can talk to our controllers. AutoMate Scientific offers an optional program called EasyCode® for the Macintosh and PC/ Windows to program ValveBanks (not ValveLinks). This software is used before an experiment – valve sequences are downloaded into the memory of the ValveBank where they are run.

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