UPN-C Pipette Holder

UPN-C Pipette Holder



The UPN-C is a compact pipette holder, with a 4mm o.d. mounting rod.

It can successfully hold a ø1mm pipette and a glass pipette can be fixed directly onto the holder’s axis. As a result, no other components are needed on the fixing section – making it a fantastic space-saving pipette tip holder, to which a pipette can be quickly and easily attached.

Compatible with the rest of the Narishige “YOU” compact manipulator series, the UPN-C pipette holder can be bought as a modular part and combined with other items in the series. This makes it possible to create a custom manipulator that is tailored specifically to your research needs.

Designed to make micromanipulation easier and more precise in every field – from biology to industry – this is a versatile and high-quality pipette holder. And thanks to our long-standing partnership with Narishige, we’re able to supply it for a very competitive, budget-friendly price.

To request a quote, simply click the button above and submit a few details – including your personal information and how you intend to use the equipment. And if you have any questions regarding the UPN-C pipette holder – or any of the other items in the compact manipulator range – please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Either call us on 01707 328247 or send an email to [email protected].




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