SRS-5-HT Compact Stereotaxic Instruments (for Mice/Newborn Rats)

SRS-5-HT Compact Stereotaxic Instruments (for Mice/Newborn Rats)



The SRS-5-HT Compact Stereotaxic Instruments are suitable for newborn rats or mice. The instrument allows fine adjustment in many places of the head (mouth and nose) fixing section, and the auxiliary ear bar. This lets the operator examine the fixing state and feel whether or not it is correct with the fingertips.

For mice/newborn rats with completely developed ear canal.

SRS-5-HT Compact Stereotaxic Instruments Installing

AP frame bar size
Narishige produces world standard 18.7mm square shape AP frame bar. Please be advised when mounting on your existent frames since our stereotaxic manipulators are tailored for 18.7mm AP frame bar.


Accessories included Dedicated Auxiliary Ear Bars
Hex Wrench
Dimensions (Base plate) W400 × D300 × H110mm
Total weight 8.75kg

The anesthetic mask (GM-3/GM-4) cannot be attached to this head holder.

SRS-5-HT Compact Stereotaxic Instruments System Diagram
SRS-5-HT System Diagram Digitimer

  • Black Circle refers to the model itself with standard attachments
  • White Circle refers to attachable main accessories
  • Double Circle refers to types of mounting adaptors

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