SR-6C-HT Stereotaxic Instruments (for Common Marmosets)

SR-6C-HT Stereotaxic Instruments (for Common Marmosets)



Based on the time-proven SR series models, the SR-6C-HT Stereotaxic Instruments are intended for exclusive use with common marmosets and feature many useful functions to hold the animal securely in place for stereotaxic procedures. The auxiliary ear bar particularly designed for the ears of common marmosets allows for the clamping in one hand, and also allows the fixation to the ear holes confirming the feel with the finger tips. Eyepits are held with the holders with cancellous surface which was also designed to minimize the damage to marmosets. By holding ear holes, eyepits and upper jaw, stereotaxic fixation is ensured. An 18.7mm AP frame bar is provided, to which many different types of accessories can be attached besides the micromanipulator: SMM Series (SMM-100 / SMM-200) or SM-15R/L. The SR-5C-HT Stereotaxic Instruments have one AP frame bar, while the SR-6C-HT Stereotaxic Instruments have two.

  • When using these instruments with mice, use the separate MA-6N as well.
  • When using these instruments with rats, use the separate RA-6N as well.

Permits stereotaxic placement in accordance with the brain atlas of Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Medical Science.SR-6C-HT Stereotaxic Instruments Atlas

Designed to be best suited for use with the brain atlas of Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Medical Science.

SR-6C-HT Stereotaxic Instruments IgakukenDigital Brain Atlas of the Common Marmoset of Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Medical Science can be found on this page.


Setting Example

SR-6C-HT Stereotaxic Instruments Installing

AP frame bar size
Narishige produces world standard 18.7mm square shape AP frame bar. Please be advised when mounting on your existent frames since our stereotaxic manipulators are tailored for 18.7mm AP frame bar.


Accessories included EB-3A Ear Bars
Dedicated Auxiliary Ear Bar
Hex Wrench
Dimensions (Base plate) W400 × D300 × H110mm
Total weight 9.3kg

The anesthetic mask (GM-3/GM-4) cannot be attached to this head holder.

SR-6C-HT Stereotaxic Instruments System Diagram
SR-6C-HT System Diagram Digitimer

  • Black Circle refers to the model itself with standard attachments
  • White Circle refers to attachable main accessories
  • Double Circle refers to types of mounting adaptors

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