SM-15R-L Stereotaxic Micromanipulator

SM-15R-L Stereotaxic Micromanipulator



SM-15R-L Stereotaxic Micromanipulator with excellent versatility – A coarse movement unit with a long working range is attached to X- and Z-axis respectively. The latter also has fine movement unit attached, which is most important. The fine movement knob positioned at a height with ease of use permits isolation from vibrations in operation. Rotation mechanisms are employed for the vertical and horizontal directions, enabling easy approach from any required tilting angle. The dedicated electrode holder can be replaced for an injector using its attachment.

Attachments (sold separately)

SM-15A-2: Attachment SM-15B: Holder attachment
Attachment SM-15A-2 is required when attaching MO-10 / MO-83 / IMS-20.
SM-15R-L Stereotaxic Micromanipulator Holder Attachment
* SM-15A-2: ø7.9~8mm
SM-15B enables attaching a ø3~6mm holder (bar) to SM-15R/L; which is most suitable for a ø4mm injection holder.
SM-15R-L Stereotaxic Micromanipulator Attachment


Accessories included Dedicated Electrode Holder (for both ø0.5mm and ø1mm)
Hex Wrench
Movement range Coarse X60mm, Z50mm
Fine Z8mm
Full rotation of knob 500µm
Minimum graduation 10µm
Dimensions/Weight W120 × D75 × H180mm, 1.25kg

SM-15R-L Stereotaxic Micromanipulator System Diagram
SM-15R-L System Diagram Digitimer

  • Black Circle refers to the model itself with standard attachments
  • White Circle refers to attachable main accessories
  • Double Circle refers to types of mounting adaptors

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