SG-4N Head Holder (for Mice)

SG-4N Head Holder (for Mice)



The simple and compact SG-4N Head Holder model is designed for the purpose of fixing the head, with special consideration paid to ease of use on a microscope stage. The clamping method is based on three-point fixation (mouth, nose and ear), ensuring that the head is easily and firmly fixed in position. By attaching the mouth/nose clamp and ear bar to a single bar, the instrument allows the head angle to be freely adjusted through 360°. The SG-4N Head Holder overall size is very compact so that this holder can be used for many different purposes. It can be placed on the iron plate in combination with a thin type magnetic stand (GJ-12). The SG-3N is for rats, and the SG-4N for mice.

SG-4N Head Holder Rotatable Digitimer SG-4N Head Holder Setting Digitimer
Head rotatable design. Example for Mounting on a microscope stage.
Olympus BX51WI & Arm adjust adaptor.


Dimensions/Weight W120 ~ 165 × D60 × H43 ~ 56mm, 470g

The anesthetic mask (GM-4) cannot be attached to this head holder. SGM-4 is available.

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