CP-2 Chamber Plate (for Mice)

CP-2 Chamber Plate (for Mice)



The CP-2 Chamber Plate is intended for use with a stereotaxic instrument for chronic experiments on mice. The chamber plate can be bonded onto the head of a mouse for stereotaxic fixation. It is made of anodized aluminum and insulation treated as surface processing, and is provided with a ø9mm observation hole. Sold per pack of 5 pieces.

Attachable products: Stereotaxic instruments for chronic experiments on mice (SR-9M-HT, SR-9AM, MAG-1, MAG-2, MAG-3)

CP-2 Chamber Plate Specification

CF-10 CP CP-1 CP-2
Features Frame Unprocessed ø5mm observation hole
ø10mm countersink
ø9mm observation hole
Dimensions W12mm × D19mm × 1mm
Weight per piece Approx. 0.5g Approx. 0.6g Approx. 0.4g Approx. 0.4g
Surface processing Anodized aluminum
Insulation treated
Anodized aluminum
Insulation treated
Material Stainless steel Aluminium Aluminium Aluminium
  • The chamber frame is customizable to your own application. Please contact us for details.
  • Can NOT be attached to the SR-10R-HT (for rats).

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