MN 151 Joystick Micromanipulator

MN 151 Joystick Micromanipulator


  • B-8B Ball Joint
  • Optional P-1A Height Adjustment Plate
  • Full rotation of fine knob 250µm
  • Minimum graduation 5µm
  • W115 × D42 × H165mm, 470g




Designed to be light and compact for diverse applications, the manual MN 151 Joystick Micromanipulator features joystick control for excellent operability. The joystick enables micro tools to be freely controlled on the X and Y planes, and coarse movement is provided on the X, Y and Z axes. The Z-axis offers fine movement as well, making vertical adjustment both easy and accurate: used with the joystick, it also enables three dimensional fine movement. A ball joint is attached so that approach angles can be set without interfering with the joystick operation. The MN 151 Joystick Micromanipulator model’s versatility also extends to installation, with a bar mount system which allows attachment by either a magnetic stand or mount adaptor.

  • For attachment to the microscope, P-1A height adjustment plate and a suitable adaptor is required (Type A, sold separately) or a magnetic stand such as the GJ 1.
  • The ball joint that attaches the micromanipulator can be replaced by MMO 220A single-axis oil hydraulic micromanipulator (sold separately).

The pictured H-7 Pipette Holder is no longer supplied with the M-151, but may be ordered separately.

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