TCKG Nerve/Muscle/Tissue Chamber

TCKG Nerve/Muscle/Tissue Chamber

  • Isolated organ, skin, nerve and muscle preparations
  • Preparations maintained for many hours in flowing incubating media
  • Large diamond-shaped flow cell for maintaining preparations on a custom substrate
  • Grease-gap across a removable acrylic partition
  • Temperature controlled base heats incoming media flowing across preparation
  • Humidity and gas environment can be controlled within diamond-shaped flow cell



The TCKG Organ/Tissue Chamber consists of two main cells, one is a large diamond-shape for containing the preparation and the other is a smaller oval-shaped cell where nerve ends are arranged for making electrical recordings. These two cells are separated by a removable acrylic partition. The bottom edge of this partition can be fashioned to leave a small arch through which nerve bundles can pass through for grease gap recording methods. The larger cell is normally pre-filled with an inert self-curing silicone rubber substrate to allow various types of preparations to be pinned in place. The smaller oval cell is supplied with a small pedestal on which a small pane of mirrored glass is used as a substrate to separate nerves from a nerve bundle with the aid of a dissecting microscope arranged over the cell.

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TCKG Tissue Chamber




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