Open Perfusion Dish Micro-Incubator (PDMI-2)

Open Perfusion Dish Micro-Incubator (PDMI-2)



The Open Perfusion PDMI-2 Micro-Incubator is an annular shaped assembly surrounding the central chamber (either a disposable plastic 35 mm Corning™ Petri dish or the reusable Cover Slip Dish 35 mm Ø).

The PDMI-2 Micro-Incubator contains two metal round plate assemblies to effect the heat transfer to the chosen chamber:

  1. The lower plate assembly (black aluminum plate) has a flat bottom surface to which the appropriate alignment ring is attached to form a mating surface with the microscope.This lower assembly serves also as a radiator of Peltier pumped heat via radial cooling fins on its outside diameter.
  2. The top plate also black aluminum supports the inserted chamber and serves as the temperature driven plate.

Heat transfer to or from the chosen chamber is driven by two Peltier thermoelectric devices, which when powered by a suitable feedback controller, can regulate a centrally located chamber temperature to ±0.2°C.

Heat transfer to the controlled medium during perfusion occurs largely from the temperature driven plate to closely coupled Teflon™ perfusion tubing.The Teflon™ tubes are coiled inside a circling slot (groove) machined in the top heat exchange plate. The extracellular medium first passes through these tubes and is warmed (or cooled) to the set temperature before reaching the chamber. There are two other heat transfer mechanisms.The first of these is by direct conduction from the
support surface and collar to the chamber,the other is through convection from air or gas flowing over the same temperature controlled plate.

Several different modes of operation are permissible:

  1. Static chamber medium at a constant set temperature.
  2. Continuous perfusion at a constant set temperature.
  3. Switching perfusion of extracellular medium at a set temperature.
  4. Discontinuous perfusion.
  5. Rapid temperature changes (with perfusion).

Peltier controlled micro-incubator offering heating and cooling. Suitable for use with 35mm petri dishes or our selection of MSC coverslip dishes. Designed for use with inverted microscopes. Open design provides excellent mechanical and optical access. Temperature controllable (in combination with TC202A Temperature Controller) from 10ºC to 15ºC below up to 25ºC above ambient. 0ºC to 50ºC with water cooler. Two perfusion lines can flow pre-heated/cooled into the chamber at up to 3ml/min. Fits Corning 35mm petri dishes or the various MSC coverslip dishes. Teflon well with Ag/AgCl electrode allows easy salt bridge formation. Gas flow over the chamber is also supported. Includes magnetically fixed aspirator (LU-ASP) to accurately maintain fluid level.

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PDMI-2 Micro-Incubator




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