Quickstage Microscope Stage Chambers

Quickstage Microscope Stage Chambers


  • Heated and unheated perfusion chambers
  • Extensive range of chamber designs
  • Wide microscope stage compatibility
  • Environmentally controlled version
  • Optional tool tray and manipulators



Automate Scientific QuickStage microscope stage adapters and heated or unheated perfusion chambers are designed to fit directly into your Olympus, Nikon, Zeiss (K & M), Leica, Siskiyou, Scientifica, Narishige, Thor Labs, or Sutter microscope stage or platform. With a simple twist of two locking nuts, the entire stainless magnetic Tool Tray lifts off with all of your magnetic tools still attached. The underlying chamber and coverslip are then free for easy cleaning and replacement. Optical #1 thickness cover slips provide a perfect imaging surface for upright or inverted microscopy.

  • Integrated spill channel
  • Magnetic stainless steel tool platform
  • For Nikon, Olympus, Zeiss and Leica upright & inverted microscopes

The heated version of the QuickStage uses AutoMate Scientific’s popular ThermoClamp temperature controller to maintain your set temperature from ambient to 50°C. Disassembly and cleaning of the heated chamber is just as simple as the unheated version. The ferro-stainless Tool Tray can be removed with all of your tubes and electrodes intact. A silicone gasket ensures leak-free performance without messy grease. Stage heating is maintained while coverslips are replaced so you can begin recording again sooner.

Part Numbers

QuickStage part numbers look complicated, but they are actually pretty easy. Refer to the chart below:-


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