D333H DualStim Module

D333H DualStim Module

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This unit provides the controlled, power stimuli from a low impedance source needed for punctate stimulation or field stimulation of preparations in high impedance baths.

It provides control of stimulus strength up to 100V at 1Amp into loads of up to 0.01µF, with the voltage of the two channels independently controlled by single turn controls and range selector switches. Each channel has an on/off switch, stimulus indicator and an overload detector and automatically reset cutout.

The control and timing for the pulses is generated by selecting other modules from the D330 MultiStim range.

It should be noted that even though each D333H channel can supply 1Amp, the D337/D338 rack can hold ten/four channels but is only specified for 1A continuous. Short pulses will be supplied but if the rack is overloaded the green ‘Power’ LED will flash red.

Current and Voltage monitoring
The current and output voltage of each channel can be monitored independently with the D335 Meter. This can show either the voltage or current of the selected channel immediately before the end of the stimulation pulse.

Alternative modules
D343 Dual Stimulator – for constant current stimulation up to 500mA

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Product Information

D330 MultiStim Brochure

D330 MultiStim Operating Modes

D330 MultiStim Module Selection Flowchart

Publications which cite use of the Digitimer D330 MultiStim can be found on Google Scholar.




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