PLI-100A Pico Injector

PLI-100A Pico Injector


  • Input Gas Pressure: 75 PSI Recommended, 105 PSI Maximum.
  • Injection Pressure: 0.2 to 60 PSI (413 kPa), regulated.
  • Fill Vacuum Internally produced: 0 to -12 PSI (0 to-82 kPa), regulated.
  • Holding Vacuum Internally produced: 0 to -0.1 PSI (0 to -0.75 kPa), regulated.
  • Clearing Pressure Input gas pressure: Unregulated.



The PLI-100A Pico Injector ensures reliable delivery of injections from femtoliters to nanolitres all the way through to micropipettes by providing a regulated pressure quality for a digitally set period of time.

  • Femtoliter to microliter injections
  • Digital readouts for injection pressure, time, and count
  • Reliable optically encoded circuit for injection time set
  • 5 pressures: inject, balance, clear, fill and hold

Pressure to the pipette is managed exactly by a multi-turn regulator in the Pico Injectors, and is reported digitally for precise reproduction. The injection time is set and managed utilising an optically encoded circuit, that allows for fine and coarse settings to be applied from a single knob.

The PLI-100A Pico-injector system timer can be controlled in three ways, either from the front panel push button, foot switch, or via an external trigger input BNC.

Whether you need to conduct significant injections into capillaries or very small injections into mammalian nuclei, the PLI-100A is the perfect piece of equipment, perfroming to only the highest medical standards.

Pressure Capabilities:
The PLI-100A features two negative and three positive pressure pneumatic capabilities.

The negative or vacuum functions allow the user to:

  • Fill micropipettes from their tips, reducing waste of pipettes.
  • Provide a means to secure and manipulate a cell using holding pipette.

The positive pressures allow the user to:

  • Inject precise amounts of fluids.
  • Create a balance pressure which prevents backflow into the micropipette following an injection.
  • Clear a micropipette of material in it.

Unique Features
The PLI-100A’s important ‘Balance’, ‘Hold’ and ‘Clear’ functions are features that you won’t find on any other microinjection unit available on the market today.

In addition to the precise injection pressure management, the Pico-Injector offers a secondary balance pressure. This adaptable pressure keeps a positive pressure on the injection pipette before and after injections, eliminating the dilution that can be caused by capillary action and aiding in the prevention of clogging. Here avoiding any continued wasteful injections that occurs when no separate balance pressure is offered.

The PLI-100A Pico-injector features a Fill Vacuum adjustment control on the front panel, while suspended cells can be held with a second holding pipette.

If a pipette should clog, the PLI-100A can deliver a high-pressure pulse which can be used to clear any blockages within the pipette. This is a highly useful design addition when the work being conducted involves using pipettes sized for smaller volumes.

Electrical Connectors
BNC type connectors are available on the front panel to ease integration of the PLI-100A Pico-Injector with other equipment, allowing for synchronisation of multiple injections.

Selection Guidelines
The PLI-100A is available in three packages: Basic, Plus, and Deluxe.

  • The Basic unit is supplied with an input hose, output hose, holding hose, and input hose adapter.
  • The Plus unit also includes a foot switch, pipette holder, and input hose adapter.
  • The Deluxe unit includes all the accessories included with the Plus and an additional foot switch and pipette holder.

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