ThorLabs ScienceDesk Anti-vibration Tables & Faraday Cages

ThorLabs ScienceDesk Anti-vibration Tables & Faraday Cages



ThorLabs ScienceDesk Anti-vibration Tables are high-quality ergonomic tables with a modular system of accessories, making them ideal for use in imaging and electrophysiology applications. The active-air and passive anti-vibration frame options provide the user with a tabletop that is isolated from the detrimental effects that vibrations in the lab may cause. They are available with a height of 765 mm (30.12″) or 910 mm (35.80″) for select active-air table sizes.

ScienceDesks are available with four different frame types

  • Active-Air Anti-Vibration Workstation
  • Passive Anti-Vibration Workstations
  • Rigid Workstations
  • Corner Workstations

The tabletop is also protected from incidental contact because it rests inside the frame’s outer rails. We offer stainless steel tabletops with or without a regularly spaced mounting holes. The upper and lower rails on the ScienceDesk frame allow the user to strategically place shelves and other accessories around an imaging system so that supporting equipment can be in close proximity to the isolated surface without being on it.

A corner option is also available that fits in the corner of the lab/room and permits access to the entire breadboard surface from the slanted corner. These corner option desks are available with either active or heavy duty passive isolation or rigid non-isolating supports. Thorlabs-science-desks-and-faraday-cages-3-digitimerScienceDesks are supplied complete with our best, Nexus series breadboard and are compatible with 2′ (600 mm) deep lab furniture.

An extensive range of accessories is also available

ThorLabs ScienceDesk Accessories Digitimer

The ThorLabs ScienceDesk Anti-vibration Tables Accessories are the key to creating an ergonomic workspace. In order to create a functional, efficient, and comfortable workspace, the supporting equipment must be placed strategically around the imaging system so that it is in the field of view of the user and can be used or manipulated without excessive bending, twisting, or reaching. ScienceDesk accessories are designed to provide the flexibility to place a working surface or instrument shelf at any position above, below, or to the side of the imaging system. In addition to shelving, ScienceDesks can be equipped with brackets and holders to support computer equipment, casters for mobility, and a wrist rest for comfort. Accessory mounting points all along the top rail make it easy to customize your workstation.

Please contact us for a full ScienceDesk brochure and price list.

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