Ear Clip Electrodes

Ear Clip Electrodes



Ear Clip Electrodes – This product consists of two EEG cup electrodes mounted as an ear clip. Available in three different surface options: silver, silver-chloride or gold-plated. The cups themselves are 10mm diameter. All electrodes are attached to a 1m or 1.5m colour coded silicone wire, terminating in a safety DIN 42 802 connector.

Correct EEG electrode impedance is essential when conducting EEG recordings, and this is done through the proper preparation of the skin surface, via the use of rep paste or abrasive wipes. Our EEG Electrodes easily fit to the ear and provide a high-quality reading signal.

Packing: 1 pair per package.

Material Size Wire Length Packing Part Number
Silver plated (Ag) Adult 1m 1 pair E.DC040/100
Silver plated (Ag) Adult 1.5m 1 pair E.DC040/150
Silver plated (Ag) Adult 1m 1 pair E.DC050/100
Silver plated (Ag) Adult 1.5m 1 pair E.DC041/150
Silver plated (Ag) Adult 1m 1 pair E.DC060/100
Silver plated (Ag) Adult 1.5m 1 pair E.DC060/150
Silver plated (Ag) Paediatric 1.5m 1 pair E.DC051/150*

* Limited supply – please contact us for latest stock information

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