Disposable Monopolar Needle Electrodes

Disposable Monopolar Needle Electrodes



Our disposable monopolar needle electrodes are specifically designed to provide signal quality and patient comfort during an EMG (electromyography).

Two versions are currently available:

  1. Detachable monopolar needle electrodes

These come with a gold-plated orientation-free coaxial connector, which connects to the E.A01500 60cm cable with the 1.5mm DIN42802 connector, or the E.A01500/DIN 1m long shielded cable with a 5-pin DIN plug.

  1. Pre-wired monopolar needle electrodes

These have a 75cm PVC wire, which connects into a safety DIN 42802. They help to avoid any cable hassle and are a completely disposable product.

Whichever option you choose, each EMG needle has a machine-sharpened conical tip and ultra-thin polytetrafluorehylene (PTFE) coating, which allows them to be inserted into the muscle with minimal friction. They’re also lead-, latex- and BPA-free and, if unopened, have a shelf life of 36 months.


Benefits of monopolar needle electrodes

Due to their pencil-point hub and cable design, our electromyography needles offer a wide range of benefits. First and foremost, they provide the optimal balance between needle sharpness and control of movement inside the muscle. They’re also incredibly ergonomic, allowing a firm grip and precise handling throughout the EMG produce. What’s more, they:

  • produce a clear and reliable signal
  • optimise patient comfort, allowing easy penetration and repositioning
  • reduce bleeding, thanks to their improved tip design
  • have been approved for stimulation
  • can be used with an optional shield cable, to eliminate 50/60 Hz interference
  • are EtO (ethylene oxide) sterilised


Disposable Monopolar Needle Electrodes

Needle Length Needle Diameter Wire Colour Part Number Detachable Part Number Prewired
25mm 0.35mm (28 Gauge) Red E.RN068/25 E.RN058/25
25mm 0.45mm (26 Gauge) Yellow E.RN066/25 E.RN056/25
37mm 0.35mm (28 Gauge) Orange E.RN068/37 E.RN058/37
37mm 0.45mm (26 Gauge) Green E.RN066/37 E.RN056/37
50mm 0.45mm (26 Gauge) Blue E.RN066/50 E.RN056/50
75mm 0.45mm (26 Gauge) Violet E.RN066/75 E.RN056/75


Contact us for EMG needle advice

For more information on our disposable monopolar needle electrodes, please feel free to get in touch. Here at Digitimer, we have excellent knowledge of the electromyography accessories available and will gladly offer our advice on the best product for your requirements. Either call us on 01707 328347 or send an email to sales@digitimer.com.

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