Disposable Monopolar Needle Electrodes

Disposable Monopolar Needle Electrodes



Our Disposable Monopolar Needle Electrodes have a machine sharpened conical tip and ultra-thin polytetrafluorehylene (PTFE) coating for low friction while inserting the needle.

Our new pencil point Monopolar Needle Electrode and cable solutions are designed to give you optimal balance between needle sharpness and control of movement inside the muscle.

We have two versions, a Detachable and a Prewired needle electrode. The Detachable Monopolar comes with a gold-plated orientation-free coaxial connector which connects to the E.A01500 60cm cable with 1.5mm DIN42802 connector or the E.A01500/DIN 1m long shielded cable with 5-pin DIN plug.

The prewired monopolar electrodes have a 75cm PVC wire, which connects into a safety DIN 42802

Disposable Monopolar Needle Electrodes

Needle Length Needle Diameter Wire Colour Part Number Detachable Part Number Prewired
25mm 0.35mm (28 Gauge) Red E.RN068/25 E.RN058/25
25mm 0.45mm (26 Gauge) Yellow E.RN066/25 E.RN056/25
37mm 0.35mm (28 Gauge) Orange E.RN068/37 E.RN058/37
37mm 0.45mm (26 Gauge) Green E.RN066/37 E.RN056/37
50mm 0.45mm (26 Gauge) Blue E.RN066/50 E.RN056/50
75mm 0.45mm (26 Gauge) Violet E.RN066/75 E.RN056/75

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