Disposable Adhesive Surface Electrodes

Disposable Adhesive Surface Electrodes



Disposable Adhesive Surface Electrodes – Plaquette™, a high quality range of pre-wired Disposable Adhesive Surface Electrodes, specifically designed and approved for cutaneous recording and stimulation purposes. This brand new product line is available in 10 different models, to cover all treatment areas.

  • Pre-gelled and engineered for single patient use.
  • Light weight colour coded flexible PVC wires with safety 1.5mm.
  • DIN 42 802 connectors.
  • Silver / silver chloride conductive layer for optimal signal recording.
  • Soft and flexible electrode pad material for minimum patient discomfort.
  • Smart little gel free tab for easy, multiple electrode repositioning without touching the gel.
  • Special formula gel for a very sticky electrode, yet easy to remove leaving no residue on the patient.
  • Two year electrode shelf life.

All these features guarantee, that Plaquette™ Disposable Adhesive Surface Electrodes provide perfect signal quality and optimal patient and user comfort.

Disposable Disk Electrodes (4 pack):

  • 20mm diameter disk x 4; 1m leads: red, blue, green, black; 10 sets of 4 electrodes / box Part Number: E.K50430-001
  • 20mm diameter disk x 4; 2m leads: red, blue, green, black; 10 sets of 4 electrodes / box Part Number: E.K50430-002

Disposable Ground Electrodes:

  • 40 x 50mm surface; 1m lead; 20 pieces per box Part Number: E.K50431-002
  • 40 x 50mm surface; 2m lead; 20 pieces per box Part Number: E.K50431-003

As long as the pouches are unopened, the electrode shelf life is two years.

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