It is possible, but not as easy as it seems to be at first glance. The problem is, that the EPC 10 has no Current In AD channel. The current signal from the amplifier board is hard wired with the AD converter inside the housing of the amplifier. Therefore it is not possible to connect the output of Filter 1 or Filter 2 via the HumBug and a Current In AD.

One would have to use one of the free AD inputs of the EPC 10 for reading the current signal. This has some drawbacks: the “real” current AD is automatically scaled by the “gain” that is set in the amplifier dialog. This is not the case for other AD inputs. As a consequence, you would have to scale the AD input manually (in the configuration dialog). This is no problem as long the gain is kept at the same value during an experiment. However, if the gain is changed frequently, then it might become annoying to change the AD scaling in the configuration many times.